Soothing Ginger Honey & Lemon Gummies

Okay, so its been germ central at my house. I have been in the kitchen for the past three or four days making something different each day to either boost my immune system or to make something soothing for my throat. Today’s recipe was a delicious and soothing ginger, honey and lemon gummies recipe.

To be honest, it started out as a list of I don’ts….I don’t own a candy thermometer, so I couldn’t make drops (it will be added to my shopping cart shortly)

I don’t have any fresh ginger root….so I’ll have to use ginger tea.

I don’t have a gummie mold. (I have numerous candy molds, but they all seemed to large for what I wanted).  So I kept it super easy and simply poured this into a glass rectangle pan and sliced them into cubes.

With all of the I don’ts behind me…I moved forward with what I did have and am happy to say these came out quite delicious. So if you or someone in your house is feeling puny, consider these simple 4 ingredient gummies, which taste delicious and are soothing for your throat.

Ginger Gummies Ingredients

Soothing Ginger Honey & Lemon Gummies Recipe


1 C. Ginger tea

3 Tbsp. Honey

1/4 C Lemon Juice

4 Tbsp. Gelatin powder



Ginger Tea Steeping1. Place a tea bag of your favorite ginger tea in a cup. Pour 1 cup of near boiling water in the cup. Cover and let steep 15-20 minutes. The longer it steeps the stronger the flavor.

Ginger Cooking Pan 2. Pour the tea in a pan and add in the honey and lemon juice. Heat on medium, stir occasionally till the honey melts and all the ingredients are combined.

3. Remove from heat and gradually whisk in gelatin, till it has dissolved and the mixture is smooth.

Ginger Gummies Poured Pan

4. Pour into a 6 x 9, 1 qt. glass pan. Place in refrigerator until set.

Ginger Gummies Sliced

5. Remove pan from refrigerator. Using a sharp knife cut your gummies into your desired size. I cut mine into 48 squares.   Keep stored in refrigerator.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.



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