Healthy Foods

I receive a lot of e-mails asking about the ingredients I use in recipes, or foods that I mention in articles.  I thought it might be helpful to create this resource page. Many of these links are affiliate links, so if you purchase any of these items I  will make a small commission. (There is no additional fee or price increase when purchasing products through these links).  My Health Maven is an ad free site, so any commission I receive is used to help  keep this site up and running.

Please note that I only link to products I personally use and recommend.

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Bulk Herbs, Spices and More! 

Acai Dandelion Root Noni powder
Alfalfa Echinacea augustifolia Oregon Grape Root
All Purpose Seasoning Echinacea purpurea Parsley
Allspice Elderberry Peppermint
Anise Star Pods Fennel Plantain
Arnica Fenugreek Raspberry Leaf
Ashwagandha Powder Garlic powder Reishi
Ashwagandha Root Ginger root powder Rosehips
Astragalus Powder Hawthorn berry  Shitake 
Astragalus Root Hibiscus flower Salt-Alaea
Basil Holy Basil/Tulsi Salt-Celery
Bentonite Clay Lavender Salt-Himalayan Pink
Cacao powder Licorice root Salt-Sea
Calendula flowers Lucuma Slippery Elm
Camu Camu powder Maca Spinach powder
Chamomile flowers Maitake Stevia
Chia Seeds Marshmallow root Thyme
Cinnamon Mesquite Turmeric
Comfrey Mullein Vanilla bean extract
Cordyceps Nettle leaf Vanilla bean powder