My Journey

Elisha-Bio PictureNot many people have the opportunity to get a second chance in life, but those who do will tell you their lives are forever changed. I am truly blessed, because I’ve been given that second chance.

In 2006 my health was in a downward spiral with no end in sight. Simple colds would linger for six to eight weeks, and my asthma seemed to worsen on a weekly basis. I was chronically tired. I began to have anaphylactic responses to everything, food, clothes, fragrances, soap, shampoo and more. You name it and it made me sick. All it took for an anaphylactic response was for someone to walk by me with any type of chemical fragrance, whether deodorant, scented shampoo, cologne, or fabric softener it didn’t matter what it was, I was in trouble.

I was down to twelve foods that I could eat in minimal amounts without my throat swelling. My hair was falling out, I had dropped forty pounds in three months. My family and I were at a loss of what to do.

Doctor after doctor shook their heads, gave me pitiful diagnoses and admitted they had no idea of what was going on. My allergist told me to avoid all triggers, gave me a prescription for an Epi-pen and sent me on my way. I was hopeless. I truly feared that my children would watch as I wasted away to nothing and I would not live to see my children grow up.

I had hit rock bottom, no one had any answers or options. At this point I realized that no traditional doctor was going to help me. I had to help myself.  I realized that I would have to make drastic lifestyle changes in order to regain my health. I spent countless hours reading books, reading information online and researching everything I could find. Surely I could not be the only person struggling with this illness?

It was during this time that I found a Naturopathic Doctor who would help me on my journey and help me to rebuild my life. I also realized that I couldn’t have gone through all of this for nothing. The journey had to mean more than just getting through the illness. So I pursued furthering my education in order to help myself, my family and friends.

What you will read on this website is information I have gained over the years. My hope is that it blesses you, as it has me.

My goal is that your health is improved through education. It is through educating ourselves that we can create positive and healthy change.

To Your Health!


My Bioopen-books

Elisha McFarland founded the My Health Maven website in November 2012. Elisha is dedicated to helping others improve their quality of life through education opportunities offered through this website and other projects. She has written over 700 articles, infographics, recipes and formulas for DIY projects. Her articles have been published at Green Med Info,  Natural News, Organic Consumers Association, Wake Up World, Food Matters TV, Silver Bulletin E News Magazine, Natural News 365, The Hearty Soul, Eat Local Grown, Dr. Mercola  and Planet Thrive.

After numerous years of struggling with MCS, Elisha discovered the root cause of her illness and has made tremendous strides in recovering her health through alternative and natural healing methods. It was this experience that encouraged her to pursue an education in natural health.

She has the following designations:

Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition

Certified Wholistic Rejuvenist

Diploma in Clinical Homeopathy

Doctor of Naturopathy


Master Herbalist


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