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As someone with MCS, I know that living in the modern world, surrounded by all of the toxic chemicals that are used on a daily basis is a serious challenge.  When we step outside of our homes, we will be exposed to an environment that is beyond our control. Many stores have automatic air fresheners in bathrooms; some even use scented products in the air systems during the holidays to make a store smell like Christmas by using a pine or cinnamon fragrance. In addition to chemicals that are used in stores, wherever you go shopping, you will get a chemical exposure either by products sold in the store, or by someone who is using a product that is detrimental to your health, whether it is fabric softener, detergent, perfume, hair spray or dry cleaned clothes.

I use to dread having to do any errands. I knew the price to pay would be steep. I would be sick for days. Of course as time went on, I learned what stores were less fragrant and less toxic than others. I developed a protocol that worked well for me and minimized my reactions. As I became less toxic and my health improved, my outings increased, but to this day I still use the I Can Breathe Mask.  I keep one at home, and one in my purse.  Even though my health has improved tremendously, I try to limit and protect myself from toxins whenever possible.

The I Can Breathe Mask is a lightweight mask with a replaceable charcoal filter. The mask is available in various forms such as honeycomb, silk and organic cotton. The honeycomb mask has a lightweight activated carbon filter combines with two polyester linings which absorb and filter odors, fumes and finer particles and may reduce exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants anywhere from 50%-95% depending on the substance. This is not a mask for occupational use. The contents of the honeycomb mask are: polyester shell, cotton/polyester tape over wire encased in plastic, latex free, polyester elastic. The contents of the carbon filter are: air laid web material consisting of powdered activated carbon from bituminous coal bound onto a polyester support material with modified acrylonitrile copolymer latex (this synthetic latex does not contain the protein of natural rubber)

I have purchased 4 or 5 of these over the years, and have not noticed any offending smells. I was able to use this immediately with no problems, as have many others I know with MCS or EI. But I understand that not every product is safe for every individual. Only you can determine if this is a safe product for you.


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