Try These 6 Yoga Poses for a Healthy Back

Although it is essential to instill the habit of working hard on a daily schedule to attain success, our bodies might face the repercussions as a result. It is usual for the back to face the toll for our regular schedules that include spending long hours at a desk, sitting in front of the computer, driving and lifting something heavy. These collectively contribute to lower back pain, leading to its gradual wear and tear over the time.

Since we do not have the option of cutting back our performance every day, there is something we can add to our lifestyle that shall go a long way in our quest for the maintenance of a healthy back. As the studies suggest, one of the best ways to increase the strength of your back is to embrace yoga and partake in it every day.

There are some specific yoga poses and exercises for lower back pain, that are beneficial, hence, this article intends to provide you with a list of yoga poses that you can include with your daily exercise for a healthy and resistant back.

Child’s Pose – Balasana

Balasana Pose


 This pose elongates the back and enables the back to release the tension accumulated over the time. Not only is it easy to perform, it makes you feel energetic by making your back feel stronger. To begin with, sit on all the 4 limbs, thereby moving your hands ahead of you in order to stretch the back straight. Meanwhile, sit on your glutes and keep the knees wide apart. Further, make sure your toes touch behind your buttocks. Keep your arms long ahead of you while keeping your head still and face downward towards the mat for ensuring the correct pose. Hold the pose for about 20 seconds. By stretching your back extensively, it allows for a good way to reduce the lower back pain with the passage of time. Since the child’s pose does not require arduous efforts, you can do it as a warm-up as well.

Sphinx Pose – Salamba Bhujangasana

 sphinx pose


 This pose requires you to lie on your belly by facing the ground and raise the upper body to support it on the forearms. While lying, make sure your thighs are rotated inwardly. Keep the buttocks firm and the body calm. Set the elbows under your shoulder and the forearms should be parallel to each other. Further, inhale and raise your upper torso.  While you hold this pose, make sure you look straight ahead and not downwards for the maximum results. By doing this regularly, you shall witness your lower back and the spine getting strengthened with time, thereby invigorating your back muscles. Apart from stretching your spine, you also stretch your legs completely, which ensures you prevent the accumulation of stress in the back after a hard day at work. This pose can be performed at any hour of the day. You just have to keep in mind to do this with an empty stomach in order to ensure you do it correctly.

Cat and Cow Pose – Marjaryasana/Bitilasana

cow pose cat pose


 In order to get rid of backaches and lessen soreness the cat and cow pose  offer great benefits. Apart from being a great pain-reliever, performing this yoga pose provides agility to the back and strengthens the spine effectively. To do it, begin by being on all fours facing down. The knees should be directly under the hips and the wrists directly under the shoulders. Place the knees in such a  way that they are hip-wide apart. Further, begin by inhaling and bending your spine down to imitate the cow while lifting your chin and chest. Your eyes should be fixated towards the ceiling. Next, lift your spine up as you exhale. Hold both the positions for 30 seconds each. Perform these alternatively 10 times every day for a strong and healthy back.

Locust Pose – Salabhasana

locust pose


For all of those trying to find a way of vitalizing their back, they have found a friend in the locust pose. Since this pose requires you to stretch your body from the head to the toe, it works profusely on every part of the body. Performing this pose makes your back strong and boosts the strength of your thighs efficaciously. To perform this accurately, lie flat on your stomach with the hands beside your body. Put your forehead on the ground and keep your thighs firm. Next, slowly raise your legs and hands up from the floor, thereby bringing your hands together behind your back. Look straight and keep the neck elongated while performing the pose. Hold this pose for about 30 seconds for best results. As the locust post makes you balance on your stomach, it goes a long way in removing the stress and tension gathered in your back over the period of time and provides you with vitality.

Bow Pose – Dhanurasana

bow pose



A wonderful way to ease out the back muscles, the bow pose should be included as a part of your daily routine. Doing this can enhance the toughness of your back and make you feel lively again. Lie flat down and reach your hands towards your ankles after bending your knees, while exhaling. Keep the knees hips apart. Further, lift your chest and thighs gradually while keeping the head straight ahead and inhale. The heels shall stay away from the buttocks. Hold the position for 30 seconds and breathe slowly during the posture. It is not only a major stress-buster but an acclaimed back pain-reliever.

Triangle Pose – Utthita Trikonasana

triangle pose


Known to be one of the best poses for building the core and the sides, the triangle pose is also a great way to ensure a healthy back. It works on building strength in your back while you elongate it at each side of the body. Begin this pose by standing straight with your feet together. Then, take a small step sideward with the left leg while holding the right leg at the position. Set your right foot to a little right and keep the left foot facing outwards. Align the legs and ensure the thighs stay firm. Exhale and turn your chest to the left and extend your left hand towards the ground while keeping both the legs straight. The other hand should face the ceiling during which you should aim to keep your head neutral. Since it requires some amount of practice to be able to touch the ground, you can start by reaching out to your ankle for the first few days. Include this pose in your daily schedule and see for yourself the amazing results you achieve.

Back pain and stress can gradually slow you up and affect you in your daily well-being. While it is advisable to contact your doctor if the pain persists over a long period of time, there are certain poses that act as crucial means of relieving pain and tension accumulated in the back. Hence, include these yoga poses in your routine and make them a habit for you to achieve a strong and sturdy back with the passage of time.



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