Why Having a Dog Is Healthy for You

Are you someone who’s thinking of getting a dog, but wavering on the decision?

Well don’t worry, it’s only normal to have your doubts. After all, caring for a dog is no easy feat. And I’m not just talking about training your dog. Even simple things like how much to feed your dog and what toys to get it can be quite confusing.

Dogs need a lot of care and before bringing one home, you need to be aware of all your responsibilities. However, once you do make the decision and accept all the hardships it brings, you’ll never regret it a day!

If you own a dog, you’re blessed in more ways than you can imagine. Not only are dogs adorable, loving and loyal, they’re also extremely beneficial for your health. It’s true when they say a dog is a man’s best friend. There really are no negatives of having a dog as a companion.

Let me tell you – if you have the will and the patience, you’ll definitely get through the difficult parts. But if you need a little more motivation as to why you need a dog in your life, keep on reading!

Dogs Can Strengthen Your Immune System

We all know how annoying allergies and asthma can be. Contrary to popular belief, if you want to raise children who are free from those nuisances, then a dog might be a good pet for you.

In fact, a study conducted in Sweden, children who were in regular contact with dogs as soon as they were born, had a lower risk of asthma than others.

Another research found that babies that were exposed to dogs had a diverse range of microbes in their guts.

Why is this important, you ask? Well, these microbes are what helps reduce the risk of allergies by strengthening our immune systems.

Amazing, right? So, don’t worry if you have a newborn in your house. Bring the dog home and develop your baby’s immune system early on!


Dogs Make Weight Loss Easier

Most dogs are hyperactive bundles of energy that are always on the go. This means that they keep you on your toes as well.

Owning a dog helps you remain fit. Merely by taking your dog on its scheduled regular walks, you’re guaranteed to lose weight.

In fact, a study on some residents living in public houses found that the residents who were walking their dogs 5 days a week actually lost 14.4 pounds on average in a year.

What’s even better is that this won’t be some sort of weight loss activity you force yourself to do. Apart from being a fun experience and a great bonding time with your dog, walking your dog is a responsibility you can’t skip because it’s extremely important for your dog’s health.


Dogs Make You More Social

If you’re someone who has difficulty making friends, or if you are a shy person overall, a dog might be the solution to developing your social skills.

Everybody loves dogs. When people see you with your adorable companion, they’ll most likely stop and talk to you.

Also, when you own a dog, you’ll most likely be going to lots of places where dog-owners typically go, so there’s a lot of scope for socializing.

On top of that, dogs make for amazing conversation. You can even use your dog’s cuteness to your advantage and send your friends videos of its shenanigans.

I kid you not – I found some of my best friends from just commenting on their beautiful dog’s pictures!


Dogs Are Good for Your Heart

That’s right! And I don’t just mean this figuratively.  Studies have actually found that people who own pets have lower blood pressure than people of the same body mass index, who don’t.

Pets also help you to cut out fat and lower your cholesterol levels, which contributes to the healthy functioning of your heart. In effect, pets have even been linked to better survival chances in cardiovascular patients.


Dogs are Mental Health Boosters

Dogs love us unconditionally and have the purest hearts. They’re a guaranteed mood booster and constant companion. The ridiculously cute things they do will always bring a smile to your face and lighten up your heart.

Dogs are also a wonderful support system for the lonely. They give you a distraction from your everyday hassles, and also take away feelings of sadness.

Getting a dog is therefore often suggested to people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

In fact, a study on military members who suffered from PTSD showed that when such people had service dogs to help them out, their quality of life improved greatly.

cancer ribbon

Dogs are Great Detectors of Danger

Dogs not only guard your house, but they guard your body as well. Some dogs are so talented that upon training, they can actually sniff out cancers of the prostate, bladder and kidney, and diseases of different organs.

I don’t know about you, but I think having my own disease detector is pretty cool!


Final Thoughts

There are so many pros to having a dog that it’s hardly possible to be listed down.  They’re companions for life and does wonders for your physical and mental well-being.

Apart from all that we’ve discussed, dogs teach us to be more empathetic and giving. They also do a great job at training us to be responsible and being less self-centered.

Also, let’s not forget that they give the fluffiest, heartiest cuddles, and can be pretty good listeners too. If you can get them to stay in one place, that is!

Honestly speaking, life without dogs is pretty bleak. You really don’t understand what you’re missing until you get one. So, go on and do your research, and bring the dog of your dreams home!


Shawn Jackson- Senior Content Writer at FeedFondAbout the author:

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