Dry Skin Brushing

Our skin is the largest organ of absorption and elimination. Many people exfoliate the skin on their faces regularly, but the truth is that your whole body could do with thorough and regular exfoliation. You can utilize dry brushing to make sure that the skin can breathe and renew itself properly. The skin regenerates itself through the removal of dead skin and toxic wastes.

Skin that is clogged with toxins and dead cells cannot function properly because the toxins are not being eliminated. Since it is estimated that the skin eliminates over one pound of waste per day, skin brushing would be an excellent routine to add to your health routine.

Dry skin brushing on a daily basis can provide numerous benefits, such as improved circulation, stimulating lymph drainage, firming the skin and removing cellulite.

Dry Skin Brushing Tips
-You will need a brush with soft natural bristles for dry brushing (see picture). Do not use synthetic bristles. This is quite similar to a hairbrush, but it has a longer handle. They are very affordable and some of the best dry skin brushes cost as little as $8-$10.

– Make sure that the dry brushing is done softly in the initial stages so that soreness is avoided. Application of a little more pressure can be done as your skin gets used to dry brushing.

-Your skin and brush should be dry. Shower after skin brushing to remove exfoliated skin.

– Do not do any dry brushing over cuts, wounds or rashes.

-Begin by brushing the outermost parts of your body (hands and feet) towards the center of your body.

-Pass the brush once over your body, except the face.

– The brush strokes should move towards your heart. This improvement in blood circulation is why so many people feel extremely refreshed after an energetic session of dry brushing.

-It is only when you are dry brushing your stomach that you are going to apply clockwise brushing movements.

-You should not use a scrubbing, circular or back and forth motion.

-Slight flushing of the skin is normal, due to increased circulation. The skin should not be red or irritated, if it is you’re using too much pressure.

-The entire process should only take one to two minutes.

– Clean the brush meticulously after every brushing session

– If your skin is extremely dry, rub some oil into it after you have brushed it. Jojoba oil is excellent as a skin softener.




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