Enjoy the Benefits of a Spa Detox Bath at Home, Without the Spa Expense

Detox baths have been used for centuries as a way to soothe the soul, cleanse the body and bolster the immune system. Healing clinics and spas use mineral clays, seaweeds and enzymes to draw toxins out of the body through the skin, as well as to put restorative and healing nutrients back into the body, through the skin.

Making your own detox bath salts at home is easy and less expensive than buying them at the store. It is also wonderful to enjoy the spa experience, without the spa cost. As always, check with your healthcare provider before taking a detox bath if you are pregnant or have diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other illness.

When using a detox bath product, it is wise to start slowly, until you know how your body will react. Start with a ¼ cup of bath salts in the tub, as you fill it with warm water. Be sure that the water is comfortable for you. Limit your detox baths to 10-15 minutes at a time until you know how your body will respond. This is a guideline and no one knows your body better than you, so if you feel you should use less bath salts and / or less time, that’s what you should do.


Things You’ll Need

1 cup sea salt

Mixing bowl

Mixing spoon

1 cup Epsom salts

2 cups baking soda

1 to 3 tsp. glycerin

Glass jar with lid




Place 1 cup sea salt in a mixing bowl. Sea salt can be purchased at health food stores and herbal markets.

Stir in 1 cup Epsom salt, 2 cups baking soda and 1 to 2 tsp. glycerin. Increase the amount of glycerin to 3 tsp. if you have dry skin.

Stir until the mixture is completely blended. Store the mixture in a labeled glass jar with a secure lid.


Taking Your Detox Bath to the Next Level

Many people use Epsom salts in their bath to unwind from a stressful day and help relieve sore muscles, but are you making the most out of your bath? While taking an Epsom salt bath is an excellent option you may consider giving your bath and body a boost by adding essential oils. Adding essential oils is a great way to provide pain relief, relaxation, or to energize your body.


Why commercial bath salts may not be the best option

There are numerous seaweed and bath salts available in the marketplace, but many are laden with artificial colors and synthetic fragrances. Sadly these products can do more harm to your body than good. So I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to boost your bath, using essential oils (EO).


What essential oils should you use?

Always remember that EO’s are added to the bath water, adding them undiluted directly to your skin can burn. If you are unfamiliar with EO’s, its also best to start with a less is more attitude. You can always increase the amount of EO’s in your bath.

Although the list below is not all inclusive, there are numerous oils to choose from. What you use will be dependent on what you are trying to achieve; are you looking to simply relax and unwind, do you have sore achy muscles, or are you feeling overly tired?


Essential oils list


Basil: Mental alertness; sore muscles/joints, menstruation Bergamot: Emotional support Birch: Uplifting Black Pepper: Supports healthy circulation



Cedarwood: emotional support Chamomile, Roman: Calming, headaches Cilantro: Cleansing, healthy skin Clary Sage: Tension, emotional support Coriander: Clear skin, sore joints and muscles Cumin: Purifying to body systems Cypress: Soothes muscle tension, energy, skin health



Dill: Calming Douglas Fir: Skin health Eucalyptus: Supports healthy skin, colds, flu, respiratory, cleansing Fennel (Sweet): Circulation Fir, White: Muscles, joints, respiratory support Frankincense: Supports healthy skin



Geranium: Healthy skin, calming Ginger: Grounding Grapefruit: Cleansing, skin health, alertness Hawaiian Sandalwood: Supports healthy skin Helichrysum: Promotes skin appearance Jasmine: Skin health, balanced mood Juniper Berry: Skin appearance/toner, cleansing, stress



Lavender: Universal oil. Calming, skin health Lemon: For increasing energy Lemongrass: Supports muscles and joints, complexion Lime: Detoxifies, energizes Marjoram: Emotional support, muscular support Melaleuca (Tea Tree): Cleansing, skin complexion Melissa (Lemon Balm): Tension Myrrh: Cleansing, skin and complexion, emotional balance



Orange: Emotional balance, overall health, cleansing/purifying Patchouli: Supports skin health/complexion, grounding, tension Peppermint: Fatigue



Roman Chamomile: Calming Rose: Promotes skin health/complexion, emotional balance Rosemary: Headaches Sandalwood: Skin health, calming, grounding Sandalwood, Hawaiian: Healthy skin, meditation Spearmint: Invigorating Tangerine: Cleansing Tea Tree (Melaleuca): Cleansing, skin complexion Thyme: Cleansing, purifying



Vetiver: Calming, grounding White Fir: Support muscles/joints, stress Wild Orange: Emotional balance, cleansing/purifying Wintergreen: Soothes muscles/joints, skin/complexion, emotional support

Ylang Ylang: Calming

 salt scrubs


Here are a few recipes to get you started:

Basic Salt Detox Bath Recipe

¼ C. Salt

½ C. Epsom Salt

¼ C. Baking Soda

Essential Oils (2-10 drops)


Relaxing Bath

2 C. Epsom Salt

10-20 drops lavender EO


Energizing Bath

2 C. Epsom Salt

10 drops Spearmint EO, 5 drops Rosemary EO


Salt & Pepper Bath for Pain Relief

2 C. Epsom Salt

3-5 drops of Black Pepper EO


After your bath

After your bath be sure to rinse off the salt in a cool shower.

After a detox bath be sure to hydrate your body and drink at least two glasses of filtered water shortly after your bath.


Some of the ingredients used in these recipes:


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