Himalayan Salt Lamp & 1 Pound Himalayan Cooking Salt Giveaway

Our amazing friends and partners at So Well have offered these two amazing  products for a FREE giveaway!  A beautiful Himalayan Salt Serenity Lamp and 1 pound of Himalayan Cooking Salt, both are pictured above.

How do I enter? It’s easy to enter. Simply sign up for our weekly newsletter.

How long is the giveaway running? The contest runs  from  February 17, 2017 to February 21, 2017 .

How will I know if I won? The winner will be notified by So Well, via e-mail and announced by name on the My Health Maven Facebook page and website on February 22nd.

How will I get my free gifts? You  will need to provide a physical mailing address and your items will be shipped directly to you from So Well.

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The Details from So Well:

Himalayan Salt Serenity Lamp-The entire bowl is shaped out of pure, Himalayan salt crystal and mounted on a lovely Zen-inspired wooden base. In the bowl are about 10-15 raw Himalayan salt rocks that sit atop a protected 15-watt bulb. Each is mounted on a wooden base and comes complete with a UL-tested Dimmer cord, box, and care instructions.

So Gourmet Himalayan SaltSo Well offers the highest quality, pure Fair Trade Pink Himalayan Salt Fine Grind loaded with 84 essential minerals , for delicious taste and wellness. Representing the highest quality in international fair trade agreement, our Fair Trade Pink Himalayan Salt Fine Grind is mined at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains by skilled workers, so you can rest assured that each purchase goes toward the betterment of the people and the planet-while you get the purest pink salt crystal on earth. 

Our hand mined Himalayan salt crystal is a lovely pink shade due to the 84 different minerals embedded in it from an ancient seabed that crystallized  250 million years ago.  Our fair trade pure salt crystal is excavated, washed, sun dried, fine ground—left unrefined with no chemical additives and no impurities.

Our Fair Trade Pink Himalayan Salt Fine Grind is ready to use! Sprinkle on all your favorite foods, cook all your favorite recipes! Due to the healthy and delicious nature of our pink Himalayan salt, you might end up using less.


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