Homemade Raw Granola

Granola is a very versatile food. You can enjoy it for breakfast, with yogurt and fruit for a parfait, sprinkled on top of ice cream, used in cookies, or even a baked fruit crisp.


Mix all the following organic ingredients together:
½ C. GF Oats
¼ C. Millet
¼ C. Buckwheat
¼ C. Coconut
2 Tbsp. Sprouted Flaxseed
2 Tbsp. Sprouted Sunflower Seed
2 Tbsp. Sesame Seeds
1/3 C. Pecans
1/3 C. Almonds
¼ C. Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds
1/3 C. Raisins
¼ C. Agave (Adjust to personal taste)
1 tsp. Cinnamon (Adjust to personal taste)




Place on greased cookie sheet and place in oven at lowest temperature setting about two hours for a softer granola or three hours for a crunchy granola.

Let granola cool before placing in air tight sealed container.

Keeps for one month in pantry.


Here’s a few of the ingredients I used for this recipe:


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