Lavender Honey

What you’ll need:

Organic dried lavender flowers (Lavendula spp.) enough to fill a 1 pint jar 1/4 full.
1 pint of good quality, local, raw honey.
1 wide mouth pint jar (16 oz.)
A strainer


About Herbal Honey:
Honeys are a delicious way of adding herbal nourishment to your diet. They can be made with most any herb with high volatile oil content. The strong smell from these plants yield delightful tasting honeys that will add extra beauty and flavor to your morning toast, tea or baking recipes.
• First fill your half pint jar 1/4 full with dried lavender flowers.
• Pour honey over the flowers to fill the jar up to the point where the lid rings start.
• Stir well to release any air bubbles and cap your jar with a metal canning lid.
• Label your jar with Lavender (Lavendula spp.) in honey and the date. ALWAYS label your herbal creations.
• Stir your honey every day for a week.
• Allow your honey to infuse for 2 more weeks (three weeks total) if you can wait that long – the smell and taste may lead you to sneak a spoonful or two early.
• Strain your honey using a kitchen strainer and it’s ready to eat. You can compost the dried flowers.


About Lavender:
Lavender can be used to help calm a person’s nerves and also to relieve depression or just to lift a person’s spirits. So this honey is a wonderful addition to our everyday diet.

How to use your honey:
Spread this honey on your toast in the morning, add to recipes that call for honey, or add a spoonful to your tea.

How to store your honey:
Store your finished honey in a capped, labeled jar in your pantry. This honey will last at least a couple of years, but in my experience they rarely stay around for that long.

Please do not give your honey cough syrup to a child under the age of one. Honey can contain spores that could lead to botulism in the very young until they have built up enough beneficial bacteria in their digestive tract to deal with the spores.

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