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Castor oil packs (sometimes referred to as liver packs) offer multiple benefits, they provide an immune system boost; help with pain, inflammation, swelling and detoxification. Castor oil packs are a great option for liver detoxification. In a modern world when we are bombarded by chemicals on a constant basis, it is easy for the liver to become overwhelmed. Many are the times I have seen people detox too much, too fast and end up with a severely painful or swollen liver. Castor oil packs have always proven beneficial in these situations.

What is a Castor Oil Pack?
Quite simply it consists of pieces of flannel that are saturated with warmed castor oil that are applied to the affected area. Flannel is an excellent choice due to its high absorption rate, if you are allergic to flannel or wool then you should find another option.

How to Use a Castor Oil Pack
Materials Needed:
Castor Oil
Flannel (or fabric large enough to cover affected area)
Plastic wrap (or old fabric to cover treatment area)
Old bath towel
Hot water bottle (or heated rice pack, or heating pad)

1. Fold flannel into size appropriate to cover the liver area.

2. Soak flannel with warmed castor oil.

3. Apply to liver area.

4. Cover flannel with a piece of plastic wrap.

5. Apply hot water bottle or rice pack over area and cover with a towel to keep heat in.

6. Leave pack on for 45-60 minutes. **See note below

7. When finished, place flannel in a zip lock bag or plastic container, and store in refrigerator. You can re-use the flannel several times, by adding more oil to keep pack saturated. Replace flannel when it changes color, or begins to have an odor.

8. Wash your skin with soap and water or a solution of baking soda and water (2T. soda to a quart of water).
**Note: If you are chemically sensitive, you may only be able to apply this for a few minutes at a time, due to its strong detoxifying action. Many people, who are environmentally ill, have to work up to a 45 minute application. Please consult with your health care provider, before trying any new treatment.

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