Profound Love Healing Code

 Getting over a chronic illness takes a lot of things; patience, time, consistency, persistence, prayer, a strong will, support, encouragement, a positive attitude and a host of other things. When protocols were taking longer than I thought they should and it seemed like I would never get better, it was prayer and the positive thoughts and energy of everyone around me that carried me through. Because the truth is, at your darkest moment, when you’re thinking the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train, prayer is all you have to hold on to. In the truly challenging times it was encouragement and prayer that carried me through.

With that in mind I would like to share some encouragement that was given to me by a friend who was also struggling with MCS . It was passed on to her by someone else who was fighting chronic illness, and she received it from someone else, so although I don’t know the origin, I like what it says.

Whether you use this as your mantra, your reading for the day, or your prayer, it doesn’t matter….but use it and customize to your particular needs of the day.
To Your Health!



Profound Love Healing Code

• My body is designed to self heal. By changing my belief system I choose to remove any blocking beliefs and release all my body’s healing potential.

• I choose to release all fear and trauma from my lifetime and from every cell of my body. I instead choose to fill these spaces with the complete healing love of God. I choose to view the world as a wonderful place of joy, beauty and love.

•I am the light, love, truth and strength of God the Creator. I so radiate the Creator’s truth that all darkness, parasites, viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, disease and toxins pass harmlessly by me.

• I choose to transform any negative energies or intentions that I encounter, from any source, to the frequency of perfect divine love and forgiveness and then return it to its source.

•I choose to transform any negative energies or frequencies within me to that of the Creator’s highest truth and love and then radiate this truth and love to the world.

•I choose to believe in the covenant of healing through my Lord Jesus Christ-“by His stripes I have been healed. So body it is okay to release all of these negative things because I am safe and I have been set free.


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