Triclosan Free Companies

According to Beyond Pesticides, the following companies have signed the Triclosan-free pledge to stop the use and/or sale of Triclosan-containing consumer products (non-prescription) and recognize the harm posed to human health and the environment by triclsoan. These companies provide Triclosan-free personal care products, ranging from hand sanitizers to lip balm.

Triclosan-free Skincare:
Alpenglow Skin Care
Awa Skin Care, LLC
Beauty Witout Cruelty
Brew City Botanicals
Ecco Bella
Global Healing Center
Golden Path Alchemy
Herbaliz LLC
JES Collection Health & Beauty
Karen’s Botanicals
La Ishá, Inc.
Ma Mi Skincare
MeLange Cosmetics
Phoenix Rising Skin Care


Triclsoan-free Hair, Bath and Body:
Belle’s Botanicals
Destiny Boutique
Head Organics
Herbalix Restoratives
Hothouse Botanicals
Jade and Pearl, Inc
JES Collection Health & Beauty
Jess’ Bee Natural
Moon Valley Organics
Nature’s Mysteries
Over The Rainbow Lotions & Notions
Pure and Basic
WellSpring Naturals


Triclosan-free Sanitizers and Household Cleaners:
CleanWell Company
JES Collection Health & Beauty
Deirdre Imus Environmental


Triclsoan-free Supplements/Health & Well-Being:
Global Healing Center
MBi Nutraceuticals




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