Whipped Butter

Many soft butter spreads have added oils, color, and other unnecessary ingredients. Combine that with many people on a tighter budget and this simple recipe makes sense.  This recipe stretches one cup of butter into one and a half cups.


2 Sticks of butter or ½ of a 1 pound block
1 Tray of ice cubes



Let butter soften to room temperature.

Place the softened butter in the top part of a metal double boiler, use electric mixture to beat the butter smooth. (You can also use a smaller pan or bowl on top of another).

Fill the bottom of double boiler with ice and enough cold water to almost surround the top boiler.

Beat butter at high speed till white and fluffy like cake frosting, frequently scraping down the sides.

Continue beating until the butter gets stiff and begins to form lumps or sticks to the beaters. Then place whipped butter into a small crock or other container.

Cover and refrigerate. Chill for several hours before using.

You can  also  flavor  your butter by  adding honey, or your favorite spice blend

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