Cocoa, Almond Hemp Smoothie & The Accidental Dessert

I was looking to create a thick nourishing chocolate smoothie and this recipe was the delicious result. It was so rich and filling that I couldn’t finish it. So I put it in the fridge to drink  the next day. To my surprise it was as thick as pudding.

So you can make this recipe and drink it immediately for a thick filling smoothie, or put it in bowls and enjoy it a day later as pudding. In the above photo, I  topped my pudding with cacao nibs, coconut and walnuts.

Will you enjoy this recipe as a smoothie, pudding or both?



½ C. Almonds

1-1/2 C. Water

Place in vitamix and blend on high speed for two minutes.

 Add the following:

3 T. Hempseeds

3 T. Cacao powder

3 T. Lakanto

¼  tsp. Cinnamon

1-1/2 tsp. Lucuma

1 tsp. Maca

Blend for a few seconds till all ingredients are combined.

Pour into glasses and enjoy!


Additional Options:

Want it as a hot chocolate drink? Blend in vitamix till steamy.

Want it as a pudding? Place in dessert glasses or bowls and refrigerate overnight till thick .

Want it as a fudgesicle? Pour into popsicle mold, place in freezer overnight and you have delicious  fudgesicles.  You can be extra decedent and dip them in chocolate. After they have frozen, dip in chocolate, place on wax paper and refreeze to enjoy later.


These sweet little sundae dishes remind me of what my mom used. Couldn’t resist using  one of them for my accidental dessert.



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