Make Your Own Liquid Soap

You can buy liquid hand and body soaps which are full of chemicals, fragrances and Triclosan, or you can make it yourself for as little as the cost of a bar of soap. The advantage for anyone with allergies or sensitivities is that you can use a soap that you know is safe for you.

You can rinse and re-use various bottles from around your home such as a hand pump, squeeze bottle or even a dish detergent bottle. You can also buy a new bottle. The recipes are surprisingly easy.


Recipe One





Paper towel or cloth

Container for soap



Bar Soap




1. Grate a bar of soap with a cheese grater into a bowl.

2. Add only enough water to cover the grated soap.

3. Let soap sit overnight on your counter. Cover with a paper towel or dishcloth to prevent any dust or bugs from falling in.

4. In the morning the soap will have dissolved. Give it a stir; if it’s too thick simply add small amounts of water at a time, till it is the consistency you like.

5. Using a funnel, pour your liquid soap into your container.



Castile and Glycerin Liquid Soap


2- 8oz container – or you can reuse an old container

1-1oz container (travel size)

pitcher or bowl




2- 1/8 cups distilled water

5 Tbsp organic Liquid Castille Soap

2 Tbsp organic Vegetable Glycerine *optional



In a pitcher or small bowl mix together distilled water, liquid castile soap and vegetable glycerin.  Stir lightly, if you stir too rapidly you’ll end up with a lot of bubbles.

Using a funnel, fill your two bottles.

That’s it…simple, quick, easy!



To learn more about Triclosan click here.

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