Ginger Honey Syrup

Ginger is a wonderful remedy for nausea and stomach aches.


Ginger root


Peel a large piece of ginger, grate it and place in pan.
Pour in enough honey to cover the ginger.
Simmer 10-15 minutes, or until ginger is mushy, allow to cool slightly.
Pour into jar, label and date.
Refrigerate and it will last for several weeks.

Add a couple of Tablespoons of Ginger Honey to hot water to make ginger tea.


Two Alternatives to Heating Honey

Option 1

Simply to add 4-5 Tbsp. of dry ginger to 1 pint of honey.


1. Pour the honey in the jar until it is half full, add the powdered ginger, and then add the rest of the honey.

2. Stir the honey well until the ginger is well incorporated. This honey can be used instantly, but it takes a lot of stirring.



Option Two

Infuse the honey with raw ginger slices. This takes 4-6 weeks.


1. Peel a 3 inch piece of fresh ginger rhizome, and slice thinly, like you would a carrot.

2. Place the ginger in a clean one pint mason jar and cover with honey. Be sure to pop or push the air bubbles out of the honey.

3.Put a lid on the ginger honey and place in any cupboard. Let it sit for 4-6 weeks and strain out the ginger.


Be sure to always use clean sterilized containers, lids and utensils to avoid contamination.

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