The Hazards of Amalgam Fillings

Mercury is considered by toxicologists to be one of the most poisonous naturally occurring substances on earth.

According to Joyal Taylor, D.D.S. past President of the Environmental Dental Association “silver fillings” (amalgam) contain 50% mercury, and only 25% silver, the remaining 25% are small amounts of zinc, copper and tin. Mercury has been recognized as a poision since the 1500’s, yet mercury fillings have been used as dental fillings since the 1820’s. They are still being used today, even though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared scrap dental amalgam as a hazardous waste material  in 1988.

Research  at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine and other prominent  medical schools, have demonstrated that mercury vapor continuously escapes from dental amalgams and 80% of this vapor is immediately absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream. Once in the blood, mercury vapor enters into the cells almost immediately.


Mercury Vapor from Amalgam Fillings Is Released Into The Body 24/7

The Committee on  Mercury assembled by the World Health Organization (in the video below) state that  mercury vapor from  dental amalgam fillings is the primary source of mercury contamination in most humans. Eighty percent of adults, specifically baby boomers, currently  have amalgam fillings that will release from 4 to 40 micrograms of mercury vapor per day, depending on factors such as number of fillings, size of fillings, teeth grinding and  the presence of other metals in the mouth. Every day we do things to  encourage the release of mercury  vapor from amalgam fillings: chewing gum, eating, drinking hot tea or coffee, having dental work done, even getting your teeth cleaned.  Effects of exposure can vary significantly  depending on the tissues and/or organs involved as well as other genetic and health factors. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock mercury can  damage many bodily  systems, although the nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems seem to suffer the most adverse effects of chronic exposure. He also states that there is growing evidence that mercury toxicity plays a vital role in a significant number of Alzheimer’s cases along with other neurodegenerative diseases.


Studies have shown that brain  levels of mercury are 3-4 higher in  people with amalgam  fillings, than those without. 

Many of you may be shocked or even angered by this information. Remember your dentist has been misled, just as you have been by  false information.  So  what  choices can you make? First, I would seek out a biological  dentist. Even if you  decide to  never have amalgam fillings done again, and continue to see a traditional dentist, you will most likely be exposed to  mercury vapor.

An article published in the British Dental Journal (2001) stated that in 15-20  percent of dental offices, the mercury vapor concentration levels was ten times higher  than the current safety limit set by OSHA.

As a point of interest many European  countries such as Austria, Denmark, Germany and Sweden have banned amalgam  or are in the process of a scheduled phase out. The largest manufacturer of amalgam in Germany (Degussa) has stopped manufacturing  amalgam altogether due to the number pending and future lawsuits, including 1,500 civil complaints for injury.




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