What is the IAOMT ?

The International Academy of Oral Medical and Toxicology (IAOMT) is a professional organization of dentists, physicians and other allied health researchers who seek to improve the quality and safety of dentistry. The primary area of concern is that of mercury, a common ingredient in amalgam/ silver dental fillings. The IAOMT is dedicated to peer reviewed, scientific research in the area of toxic substances used in dentistry, as well as providing continuing education. They are the only organization that has established specific safety protocols for the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings

In order to receive accreditation with IAOMT, dentist and physicians complete a certification program in the areas of mercury free dentistry. Those who complete the program requirements and demonstrate a clear understanding of the proper removal of amalgam fillings qualify for accreditation.

To find a IAOMT certified dentist in your area go their website at http://www.iaomt.org


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