Dental Biocompatibility Testing

Many individuals, especially those with MCS have adverse reactions to numerous products, including those used in dentistry.  If you have MCS or are just curious to know what is being used in your dental treatment and what assurances you can receive in regards to the clinical safety of the products being used, you may consider biocompatibility testing.

A biocompatibility report (also referred to as a dental materials reactivity test) will provide information on any material sensitivities a person may have. It is created from an immunological blood analysis. The test looks at the individual’s antibody reaction to various chemical groups that are found in dental materials. The results are complied in a report that lists over 6,300 dental products by trade name and will list whether it is suitable or not for you. This allows you and your dentist to decide what materials would work best for you.

Please keep in mind that all ingredients in dental products are not listed on the MSDS sheet, in order to protect trade secrets. So you can get a false positive result with a blood test. But the test  does help you to narrow down your list of options.

If you are a believer in muscle testing, you may also consider having your dentist  muscle test you, or have the dentist provide samples of the materials he will be using for a kinesiologist  to  test you for viable options.


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