Insect Repellent Recipes

Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent
Making your own mosquito repellent is very easy and eliminates your exposure to toxins. It’s important to find an oil or alcohol that works for you and is safe for your skin. Simply mix the essential oil with a carrier oil or alcohol. You can add to a spray bottle or simply rub on your skin or clothing. Re-apply every couple of hours or after swimming or exercising. Store your bottle in a cool dark area, away from sun and heat.
Please keep mind that just because something is natural doesn’t mean its safe. Many people have allergic reactions to essential oils. Be sure that your essential oil is the real thing and not synthetic.


Mosquito Repellent Recipe:
10-25 drops of essential oil
2 Tablespoons of carrier oil or alcohol

Put ingredients in a spray bottle / bottle and shake to mix. Be sure to label and keep out of reach of children.

Essential Oils That Work Well Against Mosquitoes:
catnip oil
castor oil
cedar oil
cinnamon oil
citronella oil
clove oil
eucalyptus oil
geranium oil
lemon eucalyptus oil
peppermint oil
rosemary oil
tea tree oil


Carrier Oils and Alcohol Options:
olive oil
sesame oil
sunflower oil
witch hazel


To learn  more about the hazards of commercial insect repellents .

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