Lemon Chia Fresca & Chia Gel recipe

Lemon Chia Fresca is a wonderfully refreshing drink. Think lemonade with the crunch of chia seeds.

Per gram chia seeds contain:

8x more Omega 3 than salmon

6x more calcium than milk

3x more iron than spinach

15x more magnesium than broccoli

2x more fiber than bran flakes

6x more protein than kidney beans

4x more phosphorous than whole milk


Lemon Chia Fresca

1/8 C. organic lemon juice

1/8-1/4 C. organic sugar

1/8 C. organic chia seeds

5 C. filtered water



Add all ingredients to a large pitcher or half gallon mason jar.

Whisk drink in pitcher or seal jar and shake container well. Leave on counter for 15 minutes and mix again.

Chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes or more.

This will keep for 5 days in the fridge.


Chia Gel Recipe

You can buy drinks with chia seeds at the store for a hefty price, or you can make your own chia gel and add it to your favorite juice or smoothie.

Chia gel is also an excellent replacement for eggs in a recipe.

chia gel








1 cup water

3 TB chia seeds

Place 1 cup filtered water in a jar. Add 3 Tablespoons of chia. Stir well.

Place on counter. Stir again in 2-3 minutes. Wait 20 minutes and stir again to make sure there are no clumps.

Place lid on jar and place in refrigerator overnight.

Your water should now be a thick gel.

You can then add chia to any juice of your choice.

Experiment with  quantity till the taste is just right for you!

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