Make Your Own Supplement Capsules in 5 Easy Steps

I make my own mullein capsules every year before cold and flu season. The advantage of making and filling you own capsules is being able to make your own custom supplements with your own ingredients, and you can avoid the use of binders and fillers. Capsule machines are available in health food stores and online.

Capsules come in various sizes as well as in vegetarian and gelatin capsules.

capsule sizeThe most common sizes are:

Size “00”-700 mg.

Size “0”-500 mg.

Size “1”- 400 mg.

capsule machine


Before using, read instructions sheet inside.

Put large part of The Capsule Machine (the base) on enclosed stand, and then put on flat surface such as a plate or clean cookie sheet.

capsule machine

Separate capsule. Push longer part, open end up, into base, and shorter part into the cover.

capsule machine with powder

Pour approximately one tablespoon of powdered material into base and sweep using the enclosed card over holes, filling them.

capsule machine with powder scraped

If desired, use enclosed tamping tool to compact powder, and then fill base again.

capsule machine with tamper

capsule machine after tamping

Place cover on base, and remove The Capsule Machine from stand. Put The Capsule Machine on flat surface and press down evenly until bottomed out. Release pressure.

capsule machine to cover

Remove cover. Filled capsules should be in the cover. Depress top cover evenly on both sides to eject filled capsules.

capsule machine with capsules

Place into clean  bottle and label.

Size “00”



Size “0”



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