Raw Onion Bread

Raw onion bread is great for sandwiches. I found this recipe online at rawtarian and decided to make a few changes, here is the recipe I made.

This recipe fills 3 Excalibur trays



2.5 pounds Vidalia onion, cut into quarters

1.5 C. sprouted organic sunflower seeds

1 C. ground organic flax seeds

½ C. whole organic flax seeds

½ C. organic chia seeds

1/3 C. organic olive oil

2 T. organic coconut aminos



Process flax seeds to a fine meal. (I have a coffee bean grinder that I use for grinding herbs and seeds). Add flax to a large bowl.

Pour sunflower seeds in food processor and process to a fine meal. Place in bowl with ground flax seed.

Add remaining dry ingredients and mix well.

Put chopped onions in food processor and pulse till finely chopped. Don’t over process.

Add onions to bowl, along with oil and aminos. Stir till everything is well mixed.

Evenly divide mixture onto 3 teflex covered dehydrator trays.

Spread evenly to completely cover the trays.

Dehydrate for one hour at 120 degrees, then reduce heat to 105 and dry for another 6 hours.

Remove trays, peel off teflex sheet and flip bread onto unlined mesh tray.

Lightly score bread size to your preference. (I scored mine to give 9 slices per tray).

Return to dehydrator for another 4 hours or so.

Remove bread and store in tightly sealed container in fridge or pantry.


NOTE: Dehydrating times vary greatly based on amount of moisture in the food, humidity levels and your personal preference. So be sure to trust your judgment on whether a product is done or not.

Remember that  the higher the level of moisture, the shorter the shelf life.

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