Soft & Chewy Fruit Bites for Colds & Boosting Your Immune System

Like traditional bliss balls or energy bites,  these fruit bites are quick to make. It’s simply a matter of tossing the ingredients in your food processor and rolling them into marble size balls ( about a teaspoon).

The addition of immune boosting  and throat soothing herbs make this an easy way for children to  get the benefit of herbs if they are reluctant to drink herbal teas. They  are also a great way of giving your immune system a little boost if you feel you are on the verge of illness.


1/2 C. Medjool dates, pitted

1/2 C. Gluten free oats measured and then powdered in a Nutribullet .

1 tsp. Echinacea root powder

1 tsp. Licorice root powder

2 tsp. Slippery elm bark powder

¼ tsp. Oregon grape root powder

2 T. Coconut oil



Place dates and coconut oil in food processor. Mix till ingredients are combined and smooth.

Add in all remaining ingredients.

Mix till combined and the dough sticks together when pressed in between fingers.

Using about a teaspoon of dough, roll into marble size balls.

Store in the refrigerator.


Why these ingredients?

Medjool dates -The B vitamins present in medjool dates, such as folic acid, niacin and pantothenic acid are very important for regulating the metabolism, including over 300 different metabolic processes that go on within our body every single day. Medjool dates also contain high levels of copper, which can increase iron absorption and contribute to energy generation within the body. Which is really important when you are feeling run down.

Gluten free oats -Oats contain protein , carbohydrates, dietary fiber and low content of sugar . In addition oats are loaded with vitamins and minerals such  calcium ,  iron , magnesium , phosphorus , potassium , sodium , zinc , thiamin, riboflavin , niacin , vitamin B6, and folate .

Echinacea root powder-Long known for its benefits with cold reduction, anti-inflammatory effects and immune boosting abilities it’s a great option for colds, immune system building and providing relief for upper respiratory symptoms.

Licorice root powder-Licorice has antibacterial properties. It also acts as an expectorant to help loosen and expel phlegm. It is also soothing for the throat

Slippery elm bark powder– This herb has many uses, for this recipe it was chosen due to its ability to coat and sooth a sore throat. It’s also a great option for upper respiratory illnesses.

Oregon grape root powder-This is a strong anti-microbial as well as supportive to the immune system. While it can be used for numerous infections,  in this instance,  I chose it for its benefits for a sore throat

Coconut oil-Coconut oil has numerous uses and benefits. It may be best known for its antiviral and antibacterial activity, as well as anti-inflammatory benefits.

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