Zucchini Patties

I’m always looking for a way to incorporate more vegetables into my diet and this recipe is the latest addition to my recipe collection. This easy zucchini recipe answers the age old question…what am I going to do with all that zucchini from the garden? These patties are great as a side dish or in a veggie burger.


2 C. zucchini, grated

1 tsp. salt

1 Tbsp. green onions, chopped

2 tsp. garlic, chopped

1 mushroom, sliced thinly egg

1/4 C. hemp seed

1/4 C. almond flour

1/2 tsp. baking powder


Place zucchini, salt,garlic, green onions and mushroom in bowl.

zucchini patties 1

Add hemp seed, almond flour and baking powder.

zucchini patties 2


Add in egg and mix well.

zucchini patties 3


Divide mixture into fourths.

zucchini patties 4


Heat pan on medium. When you sprinkle water on pan and it sizzles, its ready. Shape patties, then add a little oil to pan to prevent sticking. Place patties on skillet. Cook for approximately 2-3 minutes or till golden brown. Then flip and cook another 2-3 minutes.

zucchini patties 5

That’s it. Simple quick and protein rich.


As mentioned you can enjoy this as a side dish, or add it to your favorite roll or bread, along with lettuce, sauteed mushrooms, or whatever your favorite toppings are, for a tasty veggie burger.

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