The Answer to Cancer……..Never Give It A Reason to Start

Many people are overwhelmed by the wealth of information regarding natural cancer treatments. In many ways it’s a refreshing change to see so much information available in contrast to the 3 C’s I grew up with…cut, cauterize and chemo.  The downside with so much information is that many people are left wondering, which protocol is best.  The honest answer is there really isn’t one protocol that is right for everyone.

As has been proven by Gerson, Budwig, Hoxsey, Burzynski, Simoncini and many others, numerous natural protocols have established their effectiveness with successful outcomes. Each has a different approach. So why do so many different protocols prove successful for so many different people?

The key lies with finding the right protocol for you, based on your own individual health and needs. We are all unique in our biological make up and the right protocol for one person, may not be right for another. We are all at different levels of health, have different levels of toxicity, make different lifestyle choices, have various pre-existing health issues and have different genetic predispositions. Yet there are many common factors with natural treatments that can be applied to anyone who wants to live a proactive lifestyle.


Common Core Principals in natural protocols

Lifestyle and nutrition changes

Becoming proactive in your own healthcare

Knowing and understanding your own body

Educating Yourself

Clean living


Living a Proactive Lifestyle

The answer to cancer is never giving it a reason to start.

A proactive lifestyle is a conscious choice of eating well, nourishing your body, exercising and minimizing toxin exposures by making educated choices. Leading a proactive lifestyle is a wise choice in today’s world, not just to avoid cancer but to minimize your risk of toxin exposure and chronic illness.


What does it take to lead a proactive lifestyle?

Alkaline BodyClick here to learn how an acidic body can affect your health.

Oxygenated Body-Cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they are oxygen deprived. Having a well oxygenated body simply means your body is alkaline, you are well hydrated and you participate in an aerobic activity such as walking, hiking or bicycling.

Hydrated Body– Drink pure filtered water. Many options are available such as whole house water filters, counter top models and carbon filter pitchers. A healthy amount of water would be half your weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 pounds, your body needs 75 ounces of water daily.

Nourished Body-Consume a wide range of whole organic foods. The saying you should eat the rainbow, is a great analogy. Simply meaning, eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables so you can reap the health benefits of numerous foods.

Whole Food Supplements-No matter how well you eat, it’s likely your diet is not nutritionally balanced. Using organic, whole food supplements to fill in nutritional gaps in the diet is an excellent idea.

No Sugar-Cancer cells thrive on sugar. It is especially important to avoid artificial sweeteners which are synthetically made and are linked to numerous side effects including headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, and change in heart rate, seizures, difficulty breathing, sleep problems and neurological reactions.

No Processed Foods-Many additives and food dyes are linked to cancer and other health problems. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. To learn more about food additives click here and here.

Eat Only Organic Foods – Enjoy organic foods as often as possible. If you can grow your own foods you will receive the benefit of truly fresh food, without pesticides or herbicides as well as enjoying all the health benefits of working outside in the fresh air, and sunshine. If you can’t have a garden, produce is best purchased locally from the farmer’s market or organic market.

No Toxic Chemicals in Your Home– Use safe cleaning products. Traditional household cleaners are full of toxins and not healthy for you or the environment. You can clean just about everything with baking soda and vinegar. Check out the DIY section for non toxic cleaning recipes.

No Chemicals Used on your Yard-Traditional weed killers have been linked to numerous cancers, Parkinson’s disease, inhibiting the body’s ability to detoxify, asthma and a host of other illnesses. Click here to learn more about Herbicides.

Use Organic Body Care Products– Don’t trust a product without reading the label. If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be using it. There are many websites to look up ingredients such as   or books such as A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter.

Use Non Toxic Laundry Products– There are many chemical free and fragrance free options available such as Soap Nuts, or T-wave capsules which are reusable and require no detergent to get your clothes clean. The purchase also includes a bottle of liquid enzymes to help remove stubborn stains. For Laundry hints click here.

Eat More Fiber– Consider adding a fiber drink or supplement to your daily routine. Most of us are not consuming the 35 grams of fiber daily that is recommended. Fiber helps to keep things moving along. The longer your exit time for food, the greater the risk of food putrefaction in your intestines, as the undigested backed up waste is absorbed into the bloodstream which causes auto-intoxication. Click here to learn more about fiber.

Juicing and Raw Foods-Juicing and consuming organic raw foods is an integral part of many natural protocols due the ability of various foods in detoxifying, healing and nourishing the body. Introducing raw salads and juices into your daily routine is incredibly easy and delicious.

Follow a Regular Detox Protocol– Whether its detox baths, ionic foot baths, or something more intensive such as IV therapy, infrared saunas or colonics, whatever you choose find a health care practitioner familiar with natural health and detox protocols to oversee your progress.

The biggest mistake people make is in detoxing too fast. If you detox too fast, your symptoms can worsen and you can become ill as your body dumps chemicals faster than your liver can process them.

Clean Air- Especially important if you live in a big city with pollution concerns. Consider purchasing an air cleaner for your home. Many companies produce portable air filters that can be rolled from room to room, as well as whole house air filters. Some companies will even custom blend charcoal filters for you, based on your individual needs.


Some thoughts to carry with you:

Louis Pasteur was correct when he said “The body is nothing, the terrain is everything.” The concept is to create a body that is so healthy, that illness simply cannot take root.

Your greatest tool in fighting any illness is knowledge.




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