I love wearing gemstone bracelets for their healing benefits. In fact I commonly stack quite a few on my wrist at a time. I often get asked if it matters which wrist to wear them on, my response is it depends on your intention. For example, you would wear a rose quartz bracelet on the right wrist if your intent is to manifest its qualities of compassion, love and kindness, if you want to absorb those energetic qualities than you would wear it on your left wrist.

When to wear a healing gemstone bracelet on your left wrist

The left side of the body is the receptive side , where you attract and receive energy. So wear your gemstone bracelet on your left wrist when:

  1. You want to receive the healing benefits of the gemstone
  2. Infuse your chakras with the gemstone energy
  3. To focus healing energy throughout your body
  4. Sleeping as the body is more receptive

When to wear a healing gemstone bracelet on your right wrist

The right side of the body is the active, manifesting side. So you would wear your gemstone bracelet on your right wrist when your intent is to:

  1. Align your chakras
  2. Manifest your intentions
  3. Release negative energy
  4. Release toxins

I only use natural gemstones in my jewelry. The stones are not dyed, enhanced or treated in any way. Therefore, each stone is unique to itself and each design is one of a kind, due to the nature of gemstones.

I use professional , durable latex free stretch cord on all my stretch bracelets. You can get more details about each bracelet on my Etsy site.

I run my small business located in Colorado. My studio is a pet, smoke and fragrance free environment. No chemicals such as glues or adhesives are used in any of my beading creations. Beading is my creative outlet. I make my pieces individually, freestyle by hand and can take any inquiries by Etsy messaging. Thank you for supporting my business!

You can view and purchase my bracelets at my shop Bluemtngemstones at Etsy or Go Imagine .

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