What Is a Dowsing Pendulum?

A pendulum is a weighted object that is hung from a cord or chain. It is often made with gemstones or crystals. It is used as a receiver and transmitter of information

What Is It Used For?

In its most basic form it is used in decision making and answering questions. But it has numerous other uses as well, including but not limited to:

1. Finding water (when trying to dig a well)

2. To help find lost or misplaced items

3. To cleanse negativity from a room

4. Identifying allergies

5. Healing purposes

So How Does a Dowsing Pendulum Work?

As a receiver and transmitter of information, it works by tapping into your energetic body, your intuition and your spiritual guides. You set the intention of your pendulum and it moves in response to your questions. Pendulums are best suited to questions that answer a yes or no.

Before Using a Pendulum

With an open mind and a little practice, anyone can become proficient with a pendulum. First you need to cleanse your pendulum and charge it with your own energy. The simplest way to do this is to set your pendulum in direct sunlight for the day. Next charge it with your energetic imprint. Hold the pendulum in your hands and focus your energy. You can say a prayer, ask your spiritual guide for support, whatever seems right for you is perfect.

How To Use a Pendulum

So now your pendulum is cleansed, charged and ready to go. So what’s next? Hold the top of your pendulum with your thumb and forefinger, place your opposite hand at the bottom tip of your pendulum with your palm facing up. Either out loud or in your mind ask for a “yes” response. The pendulum will move either back and forth, from side to side, in a counter clockwise circle or clockwise circle. Do the same and ask for a “no” response. Note the directions for yes and no.

Now simply practice with your pendulum. State your yes and no questions and watch what happens. Ask simple questions like “My name is Ann”, “I live in the U.S.”, “It’s raining”. The idea of this task is to develop proficiency and confidence in using your pendulum. As you become more proficient you can expand its use to testing for foods, allergies etc.

My Pendulum Isn’t Working

There can be a number of reasons your pendulum isn’t working or is giving you answers that you know are incorrect.

Someone else has handled your pendulum and it needs to be reset with your energy

You are standing too close to electrical appliances or equipment which are affecting your energetic body

You are dehydrated, which has impacted your body

Your questions need to be more simple and specific

You are feeling over tired or sick

Don’t give up! Address whatever is impacting your results and try again. I have been using a pendulum for the past 17 years, I found great success with pendulums and its guidance in my own health.

About Bluemtngemstones Pendulums

Bluemtngemstones creations are made with love and care. I only use natural gemstones and crystals in my jewelry. The stones are not dyed, enhanced or treated in any way. Therefore, each stone is unique unto itself and each design is one of a kind, due to the nature of gemstones.

No chemicals such as glues or adhesives are used in any of my beading creations. Before mailing all pendulums are cleansed and charged in a selenite dish under a copper pyramid. In addition, my Colorado studio is a pet, smoke and fragrance free environment.

Beading is my creative outlet. I make my pieces individually, freestyle by hand and can take any inquiries by Etsy messaging. Thank you for supporting my business!

You can view and purchase any of these pendulums at my Bluemtngemstones shop at Etsy Or Go Imagine.

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