Czech Glass Earrings

I use authentic artisan made glass from the Czech Republic. Historically, Czech glass beads making is a cottage industry, traditionally made by artisans in their own homes. These homes have two chimneys, one for heating the house and the other for melting raw glass that can be pressed with molds into beads or buttons. Czech artisans create these beautiful glass beads and buttons in an array of colors and designs, the designs can be table cut, mold pressed, lampworked or fire-polished into numerous shapes and colors.

Czech glass jewelry is a lovely addition to your jewelry collection, especially for anyone who enjoys the beauty of flowers and nature.

As with all handmade glass beads, each piece is unique to itself and each design is one of a kind, due to the nature of handmade items.

These pieces are all lovingly hand crafted in my Colorado studio. My studio is a pet, smoke and fragrance free environment. No chemicals such as glues or adhesives are used in any of my beading creations. Beading is my creative outlet. I make my pieces individually, freestyle by hand and can take any inquiries by Etsy messaging. You can view and purchase my Czech glass pieces at Bluemtngemstones through Etsy or Go Imagine. Thank you for supporting my business!

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