Gomasio is a wonderful seasoning that is made with sesame seeds, dulse, kombu and nori. You can enjoy it on just about anything, including pasta, pizza, popcorn, rice ,salads, sandwiches, soups and veggies. You can buy it at the store or make it home for a lot less.


1 C. organic sesame seeds, raw or toasted
1/2 C. (total) of dulse, nori and kombu flakes


1. Gently toast sesame seeds in a dry skillet, stir constantly so they don’t brown. When the seeds release their oil and begin to turn golden, immediately remove from pan and place on a plate or bowl to cool.

2. When seeds have completely cooled, toss all ingredients together and grind in suribachi, food processor of spice grinder. Use in place of table salt to season any dish.

Be bold, experiment with other options such as hemp seeds, milk thistle seeds, dried nettle leaf, peppercorns, garlic granules, fennel seed, dandelion leaf, flax seeds, caraway seed, cumin seeds, dried oregano, holy basil…the sky’s the limit.

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