Health Benefits of Zucchini

As summer goes on you may be feeling overwhelmed by the large amounts of zucchini your garden is producing. Zucchini is likely finding its way into many dishes such as omelets, pasta, cakes, muffins, soups and salads. If you’re feeling tired of finding ways to use all that zucchini, you may consider freezing it to use later in the year. Zucchini freezes well for use in baked recipes and soups. I usually grate my zucchini and pre measure it into containers and freeze it to enjoy later in the year. In the winter I am always grateful to enjoy the flavor of homemade zucchini bread or chocolate cake with zucchini.

Just remember the abundance of zucchini your garden is producing is also providing you with an abundance of health benefits as well.

benefits of zucchiniTry some of these delicious recipes that include zucchini:

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