Pique Tea Offer for My Health Maven Readers

I enjoy herbal tea on a consistent basis and enjoy not only the taste but the health benefits as well. So, I was thrilled when Pique Tea (one of my favorites) contacted me and offered the opportunity to share a significant price discount with My Health Maven readers.

For  the next 7 days (November 13-November 20, 2018). My Health Maven readers can get up to 28% off their order , including free delivery.   THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED.

Did you know?
Did you know that tea—the backbone of many celebrated cultures and diets, is also the second healthiest beverage you should drink after water?

In fact, science has shown that drinking 2-3 cups of tea a day can reduce inflammation, improve gut health, reduce stress, increase sustained energy and promote stronger heart health due to the high polyphenol content naturally found in them!

However, like food, not all tea is created equal.
Did you know that most tea leaves are not washed before they are put into tea bags? And it’s not just the tea leaves you need to worry about — tea bags are not spared either. Low quality leaves, often in the form of dust and fannings, are bagged in chlorine-bleached tea bags.

So when you sit down to what you believe is a healthy cup of tea, you’re actually drinking a brew laced with chlorine. Sure, drinking tea in a chlorine-bleached bag once or twice won’t kill you, but doing it daily could certainly represent a health risk.

A bit unsettling, right?

Why the Tea You Drink Matters
There are so many varieties of tea that can improve digestion, metabolism and even prevent inflammation. In fact, tea is full of polyphenols and is also the most natural source of a wonderful amino acid called L-theanine.
L-theanine in tea helps:

  • Boost levels of Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and other calming brain chemicals. Increasing levels of GABA helps promotes relaxation, regulate emotions, mood, and sleep!
  • Reduce levels of “excitatory” brain chemicals which helps reduce stress and anxiety. (7)
  • Enhance alpha brain waves which increases alertness and creativity. It’s no wonder Buddhist monks drink copious amounts of tea to help with focus during long hours of meditation!

In short, polyphenols and l-theanine are really good for you.
So what are our options?

Introducing Pique Tea Crystals
Pique Tea is the world’s first Cold Brew Tea Crystals. They source the highest quality ingredients from around the world and use a revolutionary Cold Brew CrystallizationTM  to make their Tea Crystals. This eliminates all heat in the process, plus it extracts AND preserves the maximum antioxidant capacity of tea leaves. It is simply the most effective way to extract the active ingredients in plants.

What we love SO much about Pique Tea Crystals is that they are:

  • Cleanest & Highest Quality. Pique is the only tea company to triple toxin screen for pesticides, heavy metals and mold — all of which are common in other teas. Pique also sources its premium organic tea leaves from small, sustainable family farms.
  • Potent. Pique cold brews its tea at low temps for up to 8 hours to extract the most antioxidants and phytonutrients. They use pressure and low heat to remove the water carefully, leaving the nutrients intact. No wonder Pique has up to 12 times the polyphenols of other teas (verified via third-party testing).
  • Convenience. Forget the hassle of tea bags or loose tea. Pique comes in packets of tea crystals that you can toss in your purse or gym bag. Tear open a packet, pour the crystals into a cup, add hot or cold water and enjoy.

Not to mention, they taste AMAZING.

Don’t take my word for it: Pique Tea has racked up accolades including 3 Gold Medals at the Global Tea Championships 2018. They are the first tea company in history to win 3 Gold medals in a blind taste test done by tea professionals, outshining other loose leaf brands.

The best part? Pique Tea is now offering My Health Maven readers a really special deal: My readers get up to 28% off plus free shipping! But remember this offer is for 7 days only. (November 13-November 20, 2018). So if you want to try Pique Tea at a great discount here’s your opportunity.

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